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No question about it… We’re happy to have you here and hope to be able to earn your business both now and in the future. If this is your first time ever renting a dumpster, then its probably safe to say you could use a few answers on how all this works. A lot of questions get asked frequently, so we have put together a “Frequently asked Question and Answer” page to give you all the information needed before renting your dumpster. If you’ve rented a dumpster before, but need an answer on MAXCO’s process – skip down toward the bottom of this page.

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Questions and Answers to things that get asked frequently BEFORE booking...

Size – If you’re doing something like a bathroom remodel, chances are you’ll need more weight then size. Something like a 15 yard dumpster would probably be great. If on the other hand you are cleaning out the house and looking to get rid of couches, tables, and maybe some odds and ends, then you generally can’t go wrong with a 20 yard, but a 15 yard may get the job done. For extreme situations, such as a whole house clean up you may even need more than one 15 or 20 yard container. Have a question about what will fit? Call 727.479.5669 and ask any question you like. We’ll do our best to give you an answer as frequently as possible.

Weight – In order to answer the question of how much a dumpster costs it’s important to consider the weight. We include 1 ton of disposal for a large majority of our rentals. This will generally be perfect for a residential job, but if the dumpster does go over it’s allowed weight guidelines… Don’t worry! We simply ask that you pay for your extra weight. Our standard rate of disposal is $10 per 200 pounds. For example if your rental included 1 ton, but your total weight was 1.2 tons, we’d simply ask that you pay for 0.2 tons (400 pounds) for a total of $20.

Length of Time Needed – How long someone may need a dumpster for is a frequent question that comes up. Some need them for a day, some need them for a week, and some might even have a long term project. We offer 24 hour and 7 day rentals for our roll off dumpsters and dump trailers. We allow you to add as many days as you like (up to 14 total days per booking) for $25 a day as it is available. If those don’t fit the scope of your project – give us a call and see if we can’t get an answer to fit your needs.

Roll off vs Dump Trailer – Question between Dump trailer or Roll off dumpster? An easy answer is that either one would be fine for a majority of projects. We frequently say that in those real specific situations some people may prefer one over the other. The roll offs have the benefit of being on the ground, so you can walk your items right inside of it without having to do a big step up. On the other hand the dump trailers offer superior driveway protect and can be left in areas that would otherwise be harder to retrieve for a roll off truck. My general rule of thumb: If you’re in an HOA community or are very concerned about your driveway (for example people with paver driveways) then I would probably recommend a dump trailer. For most other jobs the roll offs will probably save you a bit of money and be well suited to get your trash out of there.

How early should I reserve? – The simple answer to the question is: The sooner the better. The moment you place your reservation we allocate a dumpster to have for your project. Generally you can place an order and have it same day, but if you know the project is coming I would recommend you place the order at least a week in advance. This allows us to frequently organize your drop off in the most convenient way possible. When orders are placed in advance, we also may be able to get it out to you early, ensuring no question that there will be no delays in getting your project done.

Frequently asked question and answer topics for "Extra Fees"

Extra Fee Items: $25 EACH

MUST be placed OUTSIDE Dumpster, preferably inside of a box or carrying tote of some kind if possible.

  • Paint, Oil, Chemicals 
  • TV’s
  • Tires
  • Food Waste
  • Pressurized Tanks (Water, Propane, etc)

Items Not Allowed IN Dumpster under ANY Circumstances:

  • Paint
  • Gasoline
  • Oils
  • Flammable Items
  • Chemicals 
  • Liquids of any kind
  • Hazardous Materials of any kind
  • Asbestos, Poisons, Toxins
  • Dead animals
  • Pressurized Tanks of any kind 

Enough with the FAQs?

READ ME for Extra Items Info

Paint, Oils, Chemicals, Poisons, and general liquid items can NOT (under any circumstances) go into the dumpster. That doesn’t mean we can’t help you get rid of them however. If you communicate your needs ahead of time, MAXCO has the answer. We will allow you to place these types of items to the side of the dumpster and will pick them up for you when we pick up the dumpster. Single items are $25 dollars a piece, but bulk pick ups generally run between $50-$150 for all “extra cost” items that you’d need removed. Placing these items inside of a dumpster will result in fines that will FAR exceed the cost to dispose of them properly. If you’d like to save your money and recycle these items on your own, feel free to ask when you call about the proper facilities and we’d be more then happy to share our knowledge with you. Question or want to ensure we will take a specific item?

Give us a call at (727) 479-5669

Questions and Answers to things that get asked frequently AFTER booking...

Ok, I’ve booked. Now what?:
   Sit back and relax… MAXCO has you covered. 

Drop off – Question about drop off? Generally you’ll get a call sometime between when the order is placed and the drop off day. Frequently the easy answer is we’ll try to work around your schedule and requests, but most drop offs will be done first thing in the morning or the day before the dumpster is needed. 

Pick up – We’ll try to always communicate a time frame for pick up, but you can always plan on it being picked up the morning after your final day of the rental or sometime in the following 24 to 48 hours. Almost every rental will be picked up the following day, but sometimes circumstance prevents that from happening and we ask that you please be patient with us.

Final Billing and Close Out – After pick up we will get the contents of the bin disposed of. Any weight over the included amount or fee for prohibited items, etc. will be billed out at this time.

Review – After everything is closed out you will most likely receive a text, thanking you for your business and asking that you review your experience. If there is anything we can do to earn an exceptional review from you, we’d appreciate it.