From small remodels to completely new construction projects, we have the dumpster options available to get the job done.

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Construction Dumpster Service.

15 Yard Dumpster

Small to Medium Clean ups & Remodels

20 Yard Dumpster

Medium to Large Clean ups & Remodels

20 Yard Dump Trailer

HOA Friendly and Increased Surface Protection

A guide to what you're allowed to dump.

What's allowed in our dumpsters?

Allowed in a Construction Dumpster

We accept all commonly found flooring material types. This includes wood, laminate, tile, and other types sold at big box stores.

Things such as drywall, sheetrock, partial board, and plywood are all accepted in our construction dumpsters.

We accept roofing shingles, underlayment, and wood cut offs in our construction dumpsters. For things like tile roofing, please contact us.

Large deck and fence removals are accepted in our construction dumpsters. We ask that you remove large amounts of cement from posts.

NOT Allowed in a Construction Dumpster

NO household trash is accepted in our construction dumpster services. We offer residential dumpsters for these types of service.

Hazardous materials are NOT ALLOWED. That includes but is not limited to flammable, bio waste, and poisonous chemicals.

No weapons, ammunition, firearms, or related items are allowed to be put in our dumpsters. These materials are potentially dangerous.

Concrete, Dirt, SOD are all exceptionally heavy materials. To dispose of these items a “Dirt/Concrete” dumpsters must be used and prior arrangements must be made before you book your dumpster.

Things that Cost Extra

These items MUST be disclosed and agreed upon before being disposed of.

Carpet is not classified as a construction material at our local transfer stations and is therefor not qualified for the construction debris rate.

Paint and secondary construction materials can leave a major mess in the dumpster if not secured. We will dispose of them if secured for a small fee.

We are commonly asked to move the dumpster from one location on the job site to another. We are happy to do so, but it must ONLY be done by our staff.

We may be able to accommodate requests naturally, but in an effort to assist specific projects we may request an additional amount for the first drop slot of the day.

Why choose MAXCO?

...because we care!

When our family started in this industry back in 2021 we did it with the long haul in mind. We aren’t building the business to make a quick buck. We are actively working hard every day to provide the absolute best experience you can ask for when it comes to getting your unwanted items out of your life. 

Since we began we have helped over a thousand people with our dumpster rental service and that number is only growing! We’ve also worked hard to make our impact in the dumpster rental community as well, partnering with other local and national businesses to develop processes to improve the industry for everyone. When businesses get together to improve each other it only strengthen the industry as a whole and provides greater service for everyone involed.

Need more information?

Construction Dumpster FAQs

We have options ranging from 15 to 20 yards of cubic volume in our dumpsters. A 15 yard is generally good for remodels and small to medium duty construction projects. The 20 Yard can handle most medium to large projects, but may be swapped out for another if the project is needed.

We have a fill comprehensive list for you to follow. If no one has provided it to you or you are unable to find it on our website, please contact us and we will get the list sent over to you ASAP.

Don't worry! As long as the dumpster is still available we allow extensions for $25 a day for up to a total of 14 days per rental. On the 15th day we will allow you to renew your rental for the initial booking price.

In most cases - Yes. Most of our construction dumpsters are designed to allow you to only pay for what you need to use. We include the cost for drop off and pick up in the initial booking price, and will bill for additional weight at the end.

Delivering a dumpster curbside is definitely possible, but does require a bit of extra work and planning. It will require a permit from your city before we are able to leave the dumpster on any public property.

No. The construction dumpsters are designed in a way to keep our costs on disposal down, giving you the absolute best value possible for your project overall. We offer a discounted rate on construction debris disposal

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