Why MOST 3 Dumpster Businesses will FAIL

Thinking about getting into the dumpster business?

I want to be clear up front… I’m not trying to scare anyone away from starting in the dumpster business. When I titled it “Why MOST 3 Dumpster businesses will FAIL” I understood it might be a bit controversial, but I’m simply hoping to show you what I believe most people fail to understand when they are getting started. Renting a dumpster is not rocket science, but it’s not selling water in the desert either. Starting with 3 dumpsters puts you in a position to make some money, but makes it difficult to grow and scale beyond what you have already. I don’t want you to fail. Don’t be one of those businesses. I’ve been there. I started with three, but I also sacrificed a lot to grow the business to where it is today.

The biggest critique I’ve gotten from this video is generally from the guys who own a truck outright and think buying the trailer and dumpsters cash makes my point irrelevant. I actually mention briefly that the guys who have the equipment already should just jump on in and get started if they are interested in it. It’s the one’s looking to secure financing and make a nice side hustle out of it that I’d recommend either getting in with a larger investment or find another side hustle.

The person in the mirror is the most important piece of the puzzle. If you know in your heart you’ll die before you fail… then just go do it. If on the other hand you are looking for a logical approach to a solid idea for one of youtubes favorite businesses, then sit down and do your own math with my formula as a guideline for things to expect. I’m hoping to do a more in depth look at the same thing soon, but until then I hope this video can be useful for you.